Rare And Beautiful World Coins

Ideas for Collecting Coins from Around the World

Collecting world coins is a fun hobby that gives you the feeling of travelling the globe vicariously through your coins. A collection of world coins offers a unique insight into the culture and history of other countries, and encourages you to learn at least a few words of a variety of different languages. World coins can also be an interesting step into the world of coin collecting, because it is a relatively inexpensive pastime. Many of the coins are still in circulation, making them easy to find and light on the pocketbook to buy. Oftentimes, children start their coin collections with world coins for this reason.

Ideas for Collections of World Coins

While some people may enjoy collecting world coins haphazardly, simply enjoying whatever coins they happen to come across, others prefer more of a challenge. While it may be impossible to collect every coin from around the world, you can create a lovely coin collection that is challenging and fun to complete by selecting a particular theme to pursue.

The most obvious theme for a collection of world coins is a concentration on a specific country. If that idea seems a little bit stale, you can also broaden your collection by concentrating on a region or aspect of a country. For example, you could start a world coins collection from South American countries, nations where English is a national language, or from island nations.

Another interesting possibility is to combine two interests by concentrating on a favorite thing or hobby outside of coin collecting. For example, a coffee lover might collect world coins from countries that produce coffee beans, or an auto enthusiast might collect coins from countries that produce his or her favorite automobiles.

You don’t have to use countries as a central point of your world coins collection, however; you can also build a collection around a specific motif on the coins themselves. Some people have collections of coins featuring a particular animal, such as an eagle or a panda bear. Others concentrate on flowers, trees, or birds. Someone interested in military history might enjoy a world coins collection featuring famous fighters, for example.

Another idea for starting a collection of world coins is to concentrate your efforts on coins from a particular year. Some people really enjoy collecting world coins that were minted in their birth year, or which commemorate another date that is important to them.

If none of those ideas appeal to you, perhaps you’d like to concentrate on a specific metal used to make the world coins. While precious metals like gold and platinum are obvious choices, some people enjoy putting together collections of world coins minted from common nickel or copper.

If any of these ideas have inspired you to start a collection of world coins, you might want to pause a moment before you start building a collection, and check out the prices and availability of coins matching your desired theme. It won’t be much fun to start a collection of gold bullion coins, only to realize that you can’t afford more than one or two pieces. A few minutes with a world coins catalog will help you decide if your ideal theme for a collection is also feasible with your budget.

Determining the Values of Your Coins

Factors that Influence the Value of Collectible Coins

If you are interested in collecting coins, it’s important to be able to have a rough idea of how much coins are worth. Knowing how coin values are determined will enable you to find good deals, and ensure that you don’t get cheated into paying too much money for a coin with a low worth.

Supply Influences Coin Values

One major factor in determining coin values is the law of supply and demand. If there are many coins of a particular type available, that coin will not be worth much. On the other hand, if only a very few coins of that type are produced, the coin values will rise. This is why a completely normal-looking copper penny minted in 1943 is worth about $200,000, whereas a 2,000 year old Roman coin may be worth less than $100 – because thousands upon thousands of Roman coins were minted, but only 40 pennies produced during war-time 1943 were made out of copper.

Demand’s Effect on Coin Values

Even among coins with a similar number of copies in existence, some have a higher worth than others. This is because some coins are in higher demand, driving up the coin values. Coins may become popular because they are particularly lovely to look at, because they are part of a topical set that is often chosen by collectors, or because they have a certain historical significance.

Precious Metals and Coin Values

Some coins are made out of precious materials like gold bullion or platinum. These coin values are less volatile because the worth is guaranteed in part by the material. A gold bullion coin, for example, is usually worth more than its melted weight, but it is never going to be worth less.

Coin Values are Tempered by Grade or Classification

The final major factor in determining coin values is the grade or classification of the coin. The more wear and tear that a coin has undergone, the less value it is going to have. This is why uncirculated coins are usually more valuable than coins that have been passed from hand to hand. Uncirculated coins have always been kept in the very best of conditions, making their value much higher. A coin in flawless condition may be worth hundreds of times more than a low-grade version of the exact same coin.

Now that you understand the basic factors that influence coin values, you have a better grasp of which coins may have real value and which will be worthless. In order to get a ballpark estimate of the value of any coins you might have, you will first need to determine its grade or classification. You can do this by comparing your coin’s condition to a published list of guidelines. Then look up the value of a coin in that condition in a book such as “The Standard Catalog of World Coins,” which should be available in most public libraries. If you need to know the exact amount that your coin is worth, you should take it to a coin dealer and let him or her evaluate it for you.

All Coin Dealers Are Not Created Equal

How to Select a Coin Dealer for Your Coin Collection

Why do I Need a Coin Dealer?

It is very difficult to build a collection of rare coins without a connection to a good coin dealer. If you are an investor hoping to make a profit with your collection of rare coins, building relationships with good coin dealers is vital to your success. If you are interested in making the highest profits possible with your coin collection, you will need to find a merchant partner who is experienced in the specific rare coins that interest you, and who will sell them to you at a good price. Most coin dealers will charge a lower premium on the sale of coins to their best customers. After all, it makes good business sense to get the most profit possible from a person who will do business with you only once. If you have a long-term relationship, however, the margin does not need to be as high for the coin dealer to make a good profit.

Because coin dealers are experts in their chosen fields, they will also have better connections than individuals who buy coins on their own will. Finding the right vendor or wholesaler can be a long and difficult task for someone new to the coin collecting trade. Coin dealers will also be more likely to recognize a counterfeit coin, have a higher chance of hearing about the sale of the specific rare coins that interest you, and will recognize an asking price that is over- or undervalued. As an investor, these are all critically important points for your success.

Building a long-term relationship with a knowledgeable coin dealer is the best way to protect the money that you invest into rare coins. All too often, new coin collectors who try to go it on their own without professional help end up being scammed out of hundreds or thousands of dollars.

What Do I Look For in a Coin Dealer?

All coin dealers are not created equal, and it is nearly impossible to specialize in every area when it comes to collecting rare coins. Therefore, it’s important to know what to look for before you select a professional for your coin collecting needs.

The first vital piece of information that you’ll need when considering coin dealers is his or her professional qualifications. Some important questions to ask include, does the coin dealer belong to any professional groups? How long has he or she been in business? Can the coin merchant provide references from other satisfied customers? One of the best indications that a vendor has a high level of professionalism is a membership in the Professional Numismatists Guild (PNG). This group includes the most reputable coin dealers in the business thanks to an emphasis on ethics.

The second most important question to put to a prospective coin dealer is the area in which he or she specializes. There are so many different kinds of rare coins to collect, ranging from gold bullion coins to ancient Roman coins, that it is impossible to be a true expert in all of them. You’ll want to find a merchant that specializes in the particular area that is of interest to you. A trader might be able to recognize every rare American coin at a glance, but that won’t do you a lot of good if you really want to collect legal tender from medieval times.

Finally, you should consider the motivation of the coin dealers you are considering. A highly motivated coin merchant will go to shows and retailer auctions, keep abreast of current prices and trends, and will generally keep up-to-date with the current coin market. Any investor will recognize the impact of current information on profit levels. A coin trader who is highly motivated will also be more likely to provide you with excellent service and the best rare coins.

Once you have selected a coin dealer, it is important to reward him or her with your loyalty. You are likely to get the best prices and service from coin dealers who know that you are working exclusively with them.

Inexpensive Gold Coins by Bob Pardo

There are many different types of pass times and hobbies
that people enjoy around the world, and coin collecting is
one of them. Some coins belong to certains currencies while
others are fake and used for toys or show. Of the many
varieties of coins in the world, gold is amoung the most
commonly seen. Everyone looks for discount gold coins since
gold has a high market price. Jewelry and ornaments made
from this pricey element interest many people, and therefore
people like the discount gold coins. The gold coins are very
important and can help people in many interesting ways.

Gold coins more than 100 years olf and in great condition
are generally worth a lot of money if uncirculated. So,
whenever a coin collector finds uncirculated gold coins,
they should bring them to an agency. The right type of
agency will grade the coins independently and seal them in a
tamper proof container. Doing this unlocks the value of the
gold and increases its value by more than 100%. Most
non-professionals are looking to buy coins in this fashion,
so it’s highly suggested to send any uncirculated gold coins
to an agency for proper grading.
There is a great difference in the value between raw and
graded gold. Graded gold, as long as it falls under MS-63,
will get you $650, while raw gold will only get you $450
after its melt value. If the graded gold is higher than
MS-65, the value can increase by two. Gold coins seem to
ensure unpredictable financial catastrophe, so it’s advised
to buy gold cions when they are available for cheaper
Over the past two and a half years, gold coins have also
risen in terms of dollars. Decide early on which type of
gold coins you want to own, and consider the amount you’d
like to lock for the current available price. Try and look
for Bullion and Rare Austin coins as these can fulfill
orders between ounces to millions of dollars. You should
insist on private and non reportable gold coins as
prescribed by law. Each type of gold coin has it’s own

Due to increasing market value over time, liberty gold coins
are considered to be the most prized coins to have. There
are many websites that sell liberty gold coins, so it’s
quite easy to purchase them over the internet. The $20
Liberty gold coin and the $20 St. Gauden are the most famous
liberty coins. Liberty gold coins are influenced by the gold
market prices because they are bullion coins.

The two different types of liberty gold coins are the St.
Gauden and the Double Eagle. The Double Eagle can be
classified as follows: $2.5 Quarter Eagle, $5 Half Eagle,
and $20 Double Eagle.
The best Liberty gold coins are VF-graded coins. VF- graded
liberty gold coins attract buyers as they have been very
popular since the 1980′s. St Gauden gold coins are the
largest coins developed in the early 1850′s and usually
weight 33.4gms and width of 34mm. Liberty gold coins consist
of 90% gold and 10% copper. To invest in Liberty gold coins
require a minimum purchase of 5 liberty gold coins.
Liberty Gold Coins are premier promoted among the gold coins
over the internet. There are plenty of web portals providing
information and are dedicated to gold coins and investments.
Famous among the ones available are $20 Liberty Gold coins
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best investments among coins because they sell at premiums
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Existing is also a big market for the gold coin investments
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